Honey produces effective results when used for wounds because it has antibacterial properties (antibacterial quality) that protects against infections. Also removes poisons or foreign materials and reduces "edema" or swelling, so it has "anti-inflammatory" activity.

Honey / Ulcer

Persons affected by stomach ulcer disease are just men. Still we dont know the true cause of its occurrence. But as ulcers, in most cases, is present in people who consume liquor, we thought it might be why it is more prevalent in males. People suffering from stomach ulcers, is not recommended to drink coffee. Its consumption would be detrimental to their health.

Also, it was recommended the use of aspirin. People who consume alcohol and also suffer from this disease, should show special attention. Alcohol taken with aspirin or similar analgesics increases the risk of bleeding from the stomach. One of the few opportunities that used to cure stomach ulcer is honey. Its curative properties are obvious, if it is used at least 4 teaspoon of honey per day. This conclusion was announced after the results of a study conducted in New Zealand. It was attended by more than 2000 participants, which proved its positive effects.

Honey was composed of elements which have regenerative effects, especially wounds. He cleaned and protected them from infection. To cure this disease often can be used honey and the juice of the leaves of hawthorn. These tea leaves, being mixed with a quantity of honey, should be left for 24 hours in a container and then drink 1 tsp every morning. Basani flower is one of the most important plants recommended for treatment of ulcer in the stomach. Tea obtained by boiling this plant in a mixture of olive oil, left for about 40 days in a glass container. When this move to get a reddish color, then it can be used. The measures established in the form of cream can be used every morning until she give the desired results.